September 2016 : Support in Languages -accompanying the transition

" TRANSIT " : Changing schools , changing  language. Tutoring for students who are immigrants. Newcomers: a bridge to a French language school or a bi-lingual facility (international school).Claire Plisnier, Certified French teacher of French for non-native speakers of French. Private lessons: €400/ 10 hours  during 2 months.

« WRITTEN FRENCH » : Revisions & Upgrading Skills: Spelling, Grammar and Analysis- Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Claire Plisnier-Bruxelles or Louvain-la-Neuve by appointment only. Group lessons  (5 persons minimum) € 20/pers. /1h30

  • completing a University Diploma Course



Let’s Play

Workshops , Summertime & Back to School 2016

"SINGING FRENCH" (1) Pronunciation & vocabulary, basic grammar - Speak a Song in French - French for foreigners with the "Verbo-Tonale" Method. A1 to B2 (European framework of reference for describing a person's level of mastery of a language)-Individuals : 375 € for 10 hours Group lessons: 3 persons minimum : 20 € /person/1h.15 Trial lesson: 30€

"LEARN ENGLISH WHILE PLAYING"  Workshop for adolescents < http : //> Lola Chuniaud, Comedian- Bruxelles Ixelles-Group lessons: 4 hours  per day for 3 days 100 €/person (or 35€ for 4 hours) Individual lessons by appointment: 35€/hour

"FAMILY GAMES"  Basic French for Non-Native Speakers - Un « Jeu des  familles » (A Family  Game) is a card game adapted to spark the assimilation of vocabulary and grammatical structures of basic French.

(FLE) French as a Foreign Language/French for Non-Native Speakers -Bruxelles- Louvain-la-Neuve or at your home.  At the end of an individual course of 5 hours  (185€) 50€/per person from 3 to 5 persons for 3 hours

Teach Trainers (Teacher Training)



Instructional program reserved for foreign language teachers.

Trainer : Claire Plisnier